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Moving Van

Unfortunately, we currently have no way of transporting large donations to or from the store. It is extremely disappointing to have to turn down donations because we simply cannot move them. If you know of one being sold or someone willing to donate one, please contact us; we'd greatly appreciate it much.

Local Nonprofits

The focus of our organization is on high impact, community based nonprofits. We would like to partner with as many as possible, so if there is one you are passionate about please send let us know via our contact link below. 

Community Support

What powers our nonprofit is people. We absolutely cannot do this without the support of people in the San Antonio area. As we grow, we would love to expand our reach to more people and communities. We greatly appreciate anyone who spreads the word about us to their friends and family. In addition, if you know of any opportunities for us to broadcast our mission to a wider audience, we would be grateful if you would send us a message.


Revolution Thrift is staffed entirely by volunteers. Because of this, our hours of operation are currently limited to three days a week. Our hope is that by gaining a larger volunteer base, we can be open more days a week, as well as become more efficient on the floor and behind the scenes.


We are currently searching for businesses willing to sponsor Revolution Thrift. Our rent is currently our largest expense, and if we could partner with enough businesses to cover it, we would be able to automatically donate $3000 more to our monthly nonprofit partners.


Like any thrift store, Rev T depends on donations to keep our inventory stocked. Whether it's during a 'Stuff the Store' week to support a specific nonprofit, or just because you needed things out of your house, we value every donation. 


Since we are a fully functional thrift store, our revenue comes from people shopping with us. The more people that come visit and buy from us, the more we can continue to grow and contribute more to our nonprofit partners and the community around us. 

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